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 Logan "Metro"

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Name:: Logan
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Items and Equipment: .45 Revolver, Food, Water, Fingerless gloves, Headphones

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PostSubject: Logan "Metro"   Logan "Metro" I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 7:56 pm

Logan "Metro" , 19, was born April 17th. Made fun of in school before the outbreak. Was an Exprert at Parkour and won 3 races. Takes a while to earn his trust. Gained his nickname from how he Rode Metros all the time. Was injured in 1 Metro Ride, 2 Freerunning accidents and 1 robbery, which he had to run his way out a side window of the 2nd story of an IKEA store at age 16. Alergic to Bees. Only carries a Backpack and a .45 Revolver so he can still escape easily with parkour. Was a football player from 5th grade - 7th grade. Wants to find his dog, who ran away 2 weeks before the outbreak.

(How does this sound to you guys? Very Happy )
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Logan "Metro"
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