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 Cole "Ghost" Forten

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PostSubject: Cole "Ghost" Forten   Cole  "Ghost" Forten I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 02, 2010 4:08 am

Cole Forten, A military reject thrown out and left to die when a deadly invasion of the undead covered the city he was in, with no help from the military and fending for himself, He will have high hopes to find other survivors in the city.. He knows he cannot survive by himself.. but he also has to show he doesn't need to depend on the teammates around him

Story behind "Ghost"

Cole was a sniper in the military, about 5 years before he was thrown into city, He was Taking heads, sniping them until there was no one left, But it was to good to be true, No one can actually snipe every single enemy on the field without help, Cole made that possible as He sneaks around in his customized Camo (( Which he uses in the roleplay, soon to be made >_>)) And snipes out enemy sentries , He earned the name " Ghost" As a reward to show that he was quick and stealthy.

(( is this about right? xD))
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Cole "Ghost" Forten
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