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 Tony Marston

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PostSubject: Tony Marston   Tony Marston I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 1:05 pm

Tony was running down the road toward the mysterious "Retro Mall" he had seen earlier. He stopped for a second on one knee. He tookout a granola bar and started chomping on it. Just then he heard load groans and screams. He turned around and he saw about thirty zombies coming towards him at full speed. Tony took off down the street when he noticed a big gas truck laying on it's side and gas leaking out of it. Tony ran around the big pudel that was about to cover the whole part of the road. After he got past it and the gas flew over the whole street he lit a match and threw it in the middle od the gas puddel. The hord stopped and ran away because of the light. TOny walked away with a grin and looked up. Retro Mall was only 200 yards away.
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Tony Marston
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