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Zombie Roleplay
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 Tony Marston

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PostSubject: Tony Marston   Tony Marston I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 9:41 pm

Tony went back to his shelby and took off fast down the road. It was dark so he could not see anything past fifteen feet in front of him. Tony turned the corner and stopped with a skid. The mall was in sight but he didn't have a good feeling about it. All of a sudden a zombie jumped down from the tree and landed on the hood of his car. It left a giant dent in it which pissed tony off. He lifted up his double-barrel and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The gun wasent loaded. "God Dammit" tony yelled. He put the car in reverse and slammed the pedal. He went backwards for about four seconds until suddenly he slamed into a big oak tree. Tony reached for his bag and grabbed two shells and loaded his gun. The zombie broke the windshield and reached for him trying to scratch his face. Tony lifted up the gun and pulled the trigger. Blood flew everywhere. He tried to start the car but it didnt turn on. Tony knew the the car was finishes so he opened up the door and took off down the street while dodgeing the slow zombies.
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Tony Marston
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