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 Main Zombie

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PostSubject: Main Zombie   Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:37 am

Common zombie:The classic old zombie, slow, stupid and
easy to avoid.

How it looks: most times as a normal person but with some
changes, i.e., grey skin; they are sluggish and they are REALLY slow.

How it attacks: it attacks always by bite or by scratching
but they rarely gonna use any melee weapons.

Weakness: they can be killed outright by disabling the brain. By doing
this you stop the brain from sending commands to the body.
By shooting/hitting the legs you make the slower so you can
escape easily.They are slow so you can aim your gun before you shoot.
They can't climb or swim.

Strengths: they won't die if you disable any other part of their
body. They may smell fresh meat from a mile away.They eat anything.
That includes animals as well.
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Main Zombie
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