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 Joseph Forester

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Name:: Joseph Forester
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PostSubject: Joseph Forester   Joseph Forester I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 9:34 am

Name: Joseph Forester



Job: EMT

[url][/url]Joseph Forester EMT

Bio: Joseph was raised in a small county town by caring parents who instilled good morals such as caring for others in need and always striving to do your best with what you have. They kept him busy with studying and playing sports throughout his juvenile years. Though sheltering Joseph from the harsher sides of the world prevented him from trouble, it also contributed to his ignorance towards understanding how the "real world" works. Overall Joseph is a good ol' boy who values life and is willing to help but, being raised in a rural area his is a bit ignorant and lacks life experiences. He just finished his emergency medical services schooling at was offered a job in the city.

Likes: Friends, helping others, sports (swimming, soccer)

Dis-likes: Un-natural foods and bullies
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Joseph Forester
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